Aéroport d'Alma

Alma, Lac St-Jean, Québec


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Who we are

Finding a suitable location to conduct unmanned aerial system (UAV) flight testing has always been a challenge. Weather, safety, regulatory approval, deadlines, cost along with convenience, all factor into the decision on where to flight test and often convenience and cost are sacrificed when choosing a location. The Unmanned Aerial System Centre of Excellence will offer an unmatched work environment. Beside flight testing activities, the UAS CE offers research and development activities and partners, maintenance, storage and modifications hangars and shops, UVS operators on site and training facilities and equipment for pilots and support personnel. The UAS CE is a community of interest involved in the aerospace sector. An organization and partnership working to develop, manage and offer a wide range of services, expertise and competencies tied to the UAS sector at the national and international level. The UAS CE Alma is an exceptional full-service facility offering world-class opportunities to organisations participating in all aspects of UAS development and operations. For additional information, our office hours are from 7:30am to 4:30pm.

Our network

Unmanned Aerial Systems Canada offers privileged access to a network of international partners. This global networked has been established and developed by the leaders of UAS CE. Five themes are at the center of these partnerships:

  • regulations for the integration of civil and commercial UAV airspace;
  • training to enable civil and commercial security;
  • advanced R & D within the respective countries, and the development of collaborative research projects;
  • operations, to provide members areas abroad for flights;
  • commercial exchanges.DSC_1700


Our Members

15 companies are involved in the development of the Centre. These companies and strategic partners are specialized in the following line of activities:

  • Research and Development
  • MRO
  • Aerial testing
  • Aerial operations
  • Training and Learning
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • Strategic partners



Be the main Canadian reference and a world leader in the field of civil and commercial UAV applications.


Develop an international center of expertise and innovative services in the design, operations and applications of UAVs.


Leadership – Determination- Sense of community – Determination


1) Develop an International center of expertise offering , directly or indirectly (through various partners) a complete range and  innovative services such as : manufacturing, research and development, ground/flight testing, training, counseling, maintenance and operations in areas such as platforms, airborne sensors, parts and components for UAS’s, and dedicated infrastructures; 2) Provide a research site and superior testing including infrastructure, facilities, instruments and air spaces to facilitate innovation; 3) Initiate and / or actively support the development of industry initiatives, ensuring our services meet with the market needs and requirements; 4) Support the development of regulations in Canada.

Join us !

In joining the UAS CE (Unmanned Aerial System Center of Excellence) you will become a member of a community of interests and an enterprise working for the development, management, and promotion of a variety of services, expertise and skills related to Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).  The headquarter is located at the Alma Airport (Qc) and its services are offered on an international level. Benefits a)    Permit access to the various UAS CE services and infrastructures, to its expert network and to several business opportunities. b)    To join a community of interests in UAS which have strong leadership and which gives you access to numerous expertise. c)    To join an organization which main objective, is the protection of the interests of its members and the promotion and marketing of their services. d)    To have your organization listed on the UAS CE website, under your domain of expertise e)    To benefit from the marketing and promotional activities of the UAS CE. f)     To benefit from the supervision of the Scientific Committee in the coordination of R&D   6. Categories of members a)    Private founding members: Is a private fonder member any physical or moral person who is interested in the goals and objectives of the corporation, one that has played a significant role in its creation, who has paid the annual subscription fee and to whom the board of directors has granted the status of private founding member. b)    Privileged members: Is a privileged member any physical or moral person to whom the board of directors has granted this status and who participates as a partner in the corporation’s development in one or several of its various fields of activities. Furthermore, the privileged member must meet the criteria’s that might be defined by a unanimous resolution of the corporation’s administrators, when it is determined necessary or useful to modify such in order to meet the goals of the corporation. c)    Private members: Is a private member any physical or moral person to whom the board of directors has granted this status, who practice an activity or operate a business in the private sector and who is liable to use the corporation’s services or to become its partner in one of its activities related to its mission. d)    Institutional members: Is an institutional member any institution, association, group or organism that is interested in the corporation’s goals and activities and that is involved with the corporation as a partner in the field of activities related to training or to research and development, and to whom the board of directors has granted this status. For any information about membership fees or for any other information, please contact us directly at 418-669-5104

Visit our website ! www.cedalma.com

Airport Administrative Offices Closure – Christmas time 2017

12 December 2016

The leaders of the Alma Airport  advise their valued customers of the closure of ADA inc’s Administrative Offices , from December 23rd to January 9th 2017. For immediate assistance, please call 418.480.8686  

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